About me

Hello. I am faragilus, I am 27 years old and I am building in minecraft for already 11 years. In most cases the spawns I do are private, but you can also find some downloadable builds on my PMC and youtube pages.

You can hire me to build your spawn. In most cases I stream the building process on twitch or youtube so you can see the progress of your build live. Small and some medium projects are usually built within 24 hours after the prepayment.

Previous Work


Prices depend on how big the build is. Price range is about $20-130 for hubs and factions spawns. Medium factions spawn would cost about $60. When the projects sounds interesting for me I can accept a lower price or even make it for free.

If you need more precise price, contact me on skype or discord and describe your project

I don't do paid server reviews


Skype: faragilus
Discord: faragilus#0965
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3kvM34h
Email: faragilus@mail.ru
Planet Minecraft: playman


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